Famous Residents

Michael Bond

Michael Bond is an author most famously known for creating the Paddington Bear stories. In these stories, Paddington lives at 32 Windsor Gardens in London.

From a 2013 article in the Independent newspaper:

[his] daughter, Karen Jankel...told local newspaper West End Extra:
"Unfortunately, despite what many people believe to be the case, my father didn't actually name Windsor Gardens after the road of the same name. The name was effectively fictitious, inspired by the fact that his parents lived in Winser Drive in Reading and my parents lived in Arundel Gardens."
Michael Bond was born in 1926 in Newbury. He moved with his parents to Reading, living at number 7 Winser Drive; Mr. Norman Rt Bond is listed as the registered owner, from 1939 to 1958, on the "Historical Residents" lists of this web-site.

Michael Bond attended Presentation College, opposite Monks Way; the college became the Elvian School, but is now closed; however, it has recently formed part of the newly-opened Wren School.

See the Wikipedia page for more information on Michael Bond.

Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield is a musician most known for his album Tubular Bells.

He was born in 1953 at the Battle Hospital in Reading. He lived at 21 Monks Way, where his father, Raymond H Oldfield, is listed for 1954 as the registered occupant on the Southcote Park Estate's Historical Residents page; note that no occupant data is available for 1951-1953, or for 1955: however, see below.

Mike Oldfield attended Presentation College too, as well as St. Edward's Preparatory School on the Bath Road, St. Joseph's Convent School, and Highlands Junior School, before he moved with his family away from Reading at the age of 13.

The current occupant of the property says:

Dr. H. R. Oldfield and his wife purchased 21 Monks Way from P. G. Sizer on 24 Jan 1952 and sold it to Mrs Parsons on 16 January 1955. The family moved to Western Elms Road.

Fans call at the house two or three times a year.

I've had some funny encounters about Mike Oldfield - a chap who says he is a friend of Mike's brother asked if we intended to sell because they are hoping to set up a "shrine" here!

Earlier this year - the day of the half Marathon - I had three people together, one of whom was going to run and the others were friends - one from Brazil, one from Australia, and he was South African!

See the Wikipedia page for more information on Mike Oldfield.

There is also a very good BBC documentary on YouTube, although there are a small number of expletives that may make this unsuitable viewing for children.