Historical Residents

The residents for the Southcote Park Estate houses, for the years from 1933-1974, have been copied and are presented in the following links. They are listed here, as in the books, in odd and even order, as odd and even numbers are present on the estate on different sides of the road.

See the Notes below for more information.

Kenilworth Avenue:

Odd Numbers:
[01-09] [11-19] [21-29] [31-39] [41-49] [51-59] [61-69] [71-79] [81-89] [91-99] [101-107]

Even Numbers:
[02-10] [12-20] [22-30] [32-40] [42-50] [52-60] [62-70] [72-80] [82-90] [92-100] [102-108]

Winser Drive:

Odd Numbers:
[01-09] [11-19] [21-29] [31-39] [41-49] [51-59] [61-67]

Even Numbers:
[02-10] [12-20] [22-30] [32-40] [42-44]

Monks Way:

Odd Numbers:
[01-09] [11-19] [21-29] [31-39] [41-49] [51-55]

Even Numbers:


  1. some years are missing from the library, and residents are therefore not shown for those years. No attempt is made to extrapolate for these years, even where at all possible.
  2. Firs Way is a recent addition to the estate, and as such there is no freely-available historical data on the residents.
  3. the transcription of this data has been a laborious manual task, so no guarantee is made concerning the accuracy of these lists.
  4. the library records sometimes indicate that no-one was registered at a particular address for a particular year. In this case, in the tables above, the squares have have hyphens to indicate this.