Local Events

Below are events in the local area that may be of interest.

Kickfit Martial Arts

Kickfit academy is rated as one of the top Martial Arts schools in the country. It runs classes at English Martyrs school in Tilehurst, for children from age 4, for teens and for adults.
It is especially designed with self-defense in mind, and aims to increase levels of confidence, respect for yourself and others, and overall fitness levels.
They are often found giving displays at local fetes, and regularly provide free classes at local schools on topics such as anti-bullying and conflict avoidance.

There is a special introductory offer of free 4 weeks of training.

See Paul Sharpe at 32 Winser Drive, and the Kickfit Students homepage


Residents of Southcote join the time bank as members and say how they can help other local people such as visiting, mowing a lawn or baking a cake. Then they are matched up in terms of who could do with that kind of help. You earn time credits every time you help someone and then you can 'spend' these when someone helps you.

See the Reading Timebank homepage, or their Facebook page.