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June 2013: Bonfires

Sandra Amos has asked if residents can be considerate of neighbours with regard to bonfires:

"Please may I draw residents' attention to the guidelines produced by Reading Council?

Reading Council Guidelines

"Bonfires can cause annoyance to neighbours, preventing them from enjoying their gardens, opening windows or hanging washing out. This can be weather dependant. For example on still days, smoke will linger in the air while on windy days smoke may blow into neighbouring properties."

The point is made that bonfires are neither necessary or a good way of disposing of garden waste. It says: If it is necessary for you to have a bonfire, here are a few guidelines to minimise the risk of it becoming a serious nuisance:

  • Only burn dry plant material.
  • Never burn anything containing rubber, plastic, foam, paint or household rubbish.
  • Do not use flammable liquids such as oil or petrol to help start your fire.
  • Avoid having a bonfire in unsuitable conditions; smoke will hang in the air in the evening and on damp still days. If the wind is in the wrong direction, smoke may blow onto roads or onto other people's property.
  • Also do not leave it overnight as the smoke will not clear.
  • Find out the air quality before you light up by checking our air quality bulletin web page and do not have a bonfire if the air quality is poor or very poor.
  • Let people enjoy their time off from work and do not burn at weekends or bank holidays.
  • Remember, bonfires are dangerous, never leave them unattended. Do not even leave them when they are smouldering douse them with water if necessary."