Residents Association

This page is for the activities of the Residents Association. The Association is currently being set-up; please contact Annabel Vasseur (email: with suggestions and ideas.

Current Residents

The residents of the estate possess various diverse trades, occupations and skills. If you require some work doing, perhaps you would consider some of the estate residents for this. The residents' webpages and emails are listed on the Current Residents page.

Sunday June 2nd 2013: The Big Lunch!

Julie Hoather of Kenilworth Avenue organised an estate-wide Big Lunch. Kenilworth Avenue was closed midway along for several hours, and many residents brought out tables, chairs, their lunch and even BBQs! It was especially great to see the children having so much fun playing together with games, bikes, scooters etc. The warm weather and brilliant sunshine helped to make this a very enjoyable day for all who participated!

Many thanks to Julie for organising this, and we, as an estate, definitely need to do something similar again!

Monday June 4th 2012: The Jubilee Party

The Jubilee Street Party was held on Monday June 4th 2012; please visit the Jubilee Party page for pictures and the thank-yous from the charities so kindly supported by all residents and their donations.